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Desire Web World, web portal is a Web-based interface providing access to enterprise applications and other enterprise assets such as corporate databases, applications (including Web applications), and systems. They are designed as an on-ramp to a variety of different assets, and can be configured easily by the end user.

We are transforming the way digital business is performed by changing the way the data is brought together and personalized for the individual. Liferay is at the leading edge of enabling that. In desire web world, we provide the services to owner, whose want to spread their information to whole world. We give them full technology support or you can call it, I.T. support to spread their knowledge to whole world. In Desire web world, we work on many web technologies according client requirements. Our pool of qualified engineers includes designer, developer, analyst, tester and most importantly our experts. Our experts are highly experienced in their professional career. Desire web world team has bring portal solution a range of commercial benefits if used systematically across your business, including:

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We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.

Why Portal Solution is needed ?

Some time many client required to maintain their information about their business in their own way. Clients wish to customize their portal with their specific requirement and specific set of reports client want. Desire web world team provides different type of reports to depict their business growth. These reports will help to grow their intellectual property. And many times our client demand their sale on product and their profit has to distribute in particular order and that will be shown by in binary or N-Ary tree distribution mechanism. Desire web world also provide these type services to client for complete distribution management with multiple report like DSR (Daily Sale Report) etc.

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