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Desire tutorials are a great way to learn about some of the advanced features our products have to offer. Please note that these are recordings and not meant to take the place of our instructor-led courses, but can be used to supplement those classes. Here you can find helpful online tutorial videos to make getting started with your Desire programs easier. Simply select a category and product and learn everything you need to know about basic controls and individual features.

Why Video Solution is needed for your Business ?

To start, determine who your target audience is for this video tutorial series. Are they new users, or intermediate users looking to level up? Your focus should be on narrowing down your audience so that your videos can be focused and provide the best instruction. Series that target too broad an audience usually end up missing the mark by making things too easy for some and too hard for others.

Create a list of everything you already know about them. You might surprise yourself by knowing more than you realized. At the very least, try to establish your target audience and roughly determine their average level of expertise and familiarity with your software.

  • What’s driving you to make this video tutorial series?
  • Who would benefit the most from these video tutorials?
  • Is your audience mainly first-time users or seasoned veterans?
  • How experienced is your average user with technology in general?

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Online Video Test

We work for the best quality of services for Online Test Paper Solution and our clients appreciate us for that.


In today era, most of the organization providing their own material and course structure. But due to lack of internet practice (Question paper of internet), people will not crack most competitive exams. That’s why desire web world has build a platform to organization to conduct their own online test where each and every user of organization can practice their preparing before take to final attempt. And from the organization perspective they can provide much better environment with graphical result of their growth.



Desire online test solution provides the facility to user to remove their confusion at end of the each test. Whenever user reach at the end of the test and they submit their own test. After they can review their own test what they have given and what exactly is the right answer. This will clear all the confusion from the user mind. And they can prepare their much better to way secure their future. And form the organization perspective they were always aware about status and result what is going on their organization.



Desire online test solution provides various type of feature to track their progress by using graph and reviews. Parents, Student, Teacher, Organization every single of user have their separate report and graph. So that they can review progress their self and take necessary action to update our knowledge and work area. From the organization perspective they can always track their individual user (teacher and student) progress in their organization. They can view over all organization progress pictures in graph also.



Time is very important and crucial factor to track our progress and our mind speed. Desire Online Test Solution provides the opportunity to set test paper time by any teachers through high quality input controls. And on the other hand for the student perspective it’s very important to test their skills to solve any problem with the estimated time. This is very key factor and practice to crack any big competitive exam, Student can review their time and speed for improve their potential.



Comparison is always good to way to learn something more. Desire online test solution provides the opportunity to compare the organization result or student result or teacher result with the previous result. That will give to clearer picture of progress of each individual user of the organization. And organization has complete and overall picture of their progress.



Desire online test solution has build by taking many experts recommendation and advice. “Practice makes man perfect” and “Practice is the key of success”. This solution provides the best platform to practice their preparation before taking the final attempt. Because best perform/ player/student always nail at very right opportunity and very right time. Organization can develop and increase their intellectual property by using this platform.